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[18:21:00] Guest[annie] :


[18:24:39] Guest[annie] :

that's quite the vest, front left!

[18:31:59] BLaux :

How do I get to live streaming?

[18:32:13] Guest[annie] :

Hey barbara! it's annie from art history!

[18:32:22] Guest[annie] :

click on the "From Dissertation to First Book" title

[18:32:28] Guest[annie] :

it will open up the window

[18:32:58] BLaux :

Ok, I did that...but I don't see the video...?

[18:33:10] Guest[annie] :

i don't know, i see it on my computer

[18:33:30] BLaux :

Annie, I hope you are doing well in your new (ish) job, congrats on your defense too.

[18:33:43] Guest[annie] :


[18:33:49] Guest[annie] :

i'll be in OH next yer

[18:33:54] Guest[annie] :


[18:34:16] Guest[annie] :

how's your work coming?

[18:34:47] Guest[annie] :

try this link to see if it works: http://videostreaming.gc.cuny.edu/videos/video/4301/?live=true

[18:34:50] BLaux :

I can't seem to get access, I have signed in too.

[18:35:29] Guest[annie] :

i didn't sign in

[18:35:32] Guest[annie] :


[18:35:42] Guest[annie] :

try the help feature

[18:38:33] Guest[annie] :


[18:38:34] Guest[annie] :


[18:46:54] BLaux :

Got it! Yeah!

[18:47:49] Guest[brivera] :

optimistic time for whom?!

[19:16:41] Guest[annie] :

can we ask questions too?

[19:18:28] Guest[brivera] :

would like to hear more about "originality."

[19:27:37] BLaux :

What was that reference he just mentioned?

[19:39:16] Guest[Jimmy] :

Question for Ken: If you haven't done so already, can you talk about the process of revision and crafting your authorial voice. For instance, I understand that the book is supposed to subordinate the voices of other scholars to the foontoes and that the use of block quotes should be minimal.

[19:59:58] Guest[Melba] :

Thanks for a thoughtful presentation. Wish the questions had been repeated for those of us who are streaming. Also , what about co-authoring with others with related work? Is that a good option for a first book?

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